Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 16 Spud Lite

Spud Lite was the side dish I prepared for a family barbeque at the cottage. This was roasted red baby potatoes with red onion, rosemary, thyme, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. They turned out perfect - in the barbeque.

If it weren't for the fact that we also had pork loin and a baby green salad and roasted vegetables, I would have been happy eating just the baby potatoes. They have a sweet flavour!

We were busy packing up the cottage so it was great to only have one dish to prepare.


  1. Leslie, I love potatoes prepared this way. Congrats on your weight-loss success so far. You go, girl!

  2. Thanks Greta, I'm looking forward to watching the Eat Shrink and Be Merry show on Friday night! Leslie