Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 26 - 33

Sooo sorry I let a whole week get away from me. I hope you didn't think I had given up on this project. I am still at it and still loving the recipes and I really should be shaking my head for trying to pack so much into one week!

I hate excuses - but - this was a week of a new job, new employees and a new puppy!!

This is the Golden Retriever puppy that I so desperately wanted and I still do. His name is Dallas and he is just 8 weeks old. All of my spare time - and some of my sleeping hours are spent keeping him out of trouble!

Besides all the changes - the biggest obstacle that I am now facing everyday is that there is a french fry truck in the parking lot where I work.

Fromage a Trosi is a vegetable lasagne with lots of cheese - feta, ricotta and mozerella. I loved this but I did a slight variation - I used eggplant instead of lasagne noodles. The slices were grilled lightly on the barbeque. This was a big hit and a way to use a lot of veggies from gracious neighbors!

Pizza for the Upper crust was just perfect for feeding puppy visitors! I can't get over how much I love fresh mozzerella.

On the same subject - I made Red, White and Yahoo - a chick pea, boccincini cheese, fresh tomatoes and red onion salad - oo la la!! I got a suggestion from someone that has been following the blog and I am so greatful for the suggestion. Another favourite even though I'm not a big fan of the chick peas. The different textures and flavours is amazing!

Lord of the Wings was also tasty - just enough zing for Mike to eat them. I still grabbed Franks Hot Sauce and gave them more spicy flavour for my liking. These were made with boneless chicken thighs, barbeque sauce, dijon, honey, lime juice etc. A much better verision of hot wings!

The Chokes on You was an artichoke dip made with kidney beans, swiss cheese, sour cream, mayo etc in a food processor and baked - then topped with crumpled bacon. I loved this and so did our company. This was not a fan favourite of Mike's.

The Grill of My Dreams was so delicious! It started with a marinade on a pork tenderloin and sat in the fridge overnight. The tenderloin was grilled while peppers and zucchini grilling. After resting the pork for 5 minutes, it was sliced with the veggies and added to a bowl with sliced mango and spinach leaves. The reserved marinade was added and wow - what a meal!!

Mr. Bean was so easy and so good too! It makes such a difference using freshly picked beans from the market. You can use frozen too - but I really like just snacking on these midday too!

Tomorrow we are having the girls over to meet the puppy!

Thanks for being so patient - waiting for me to get back to the blog

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