Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 25 - Biggest Loser Day - Chunky Chicken

Nothing motivates me more than watching the Biggest Loser. It should be on all year round! Those people work out so hard and so long - I really feel for them!

I made Do the Chunky Chicken Salad - oh my!!!!

Its made with a lemony dill creamy dressing and lots of crunchy vegetables and chicken. Try this one - I sure will again and again.

Tomorrow is Jamaican Me Hungry - since I made the marinade and put the chicken thighs in it tonight. Busy week - only 3 more sleeps till we get our new puppy!!!


  1. I LOVE this recipe. Unfortunately, my husband is not a big salad person, so I make this whenever I have to bring food to a gathering, especially in the summer. Now, you have me craving it. It's yummy, but also has all these great textures, too. MMMMM....

  2. Thanks Patty! My husband isn't really big on salad either. I like your suggestion about taking it to parties.