Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 34 - Still Crazy

Last night I was having my daughter Carolyn and her boyfriend over to meet the puppy. As it turned out - my meeting ran late in the day, got caught behind an accident (and no less than 6 tow trucks that responded), pulled in behind Carolyn and found a couple more unexpected guests on the back porch.

Plan B - instead of serving just the "Grill of My Dreams" - I also made some Sticky Chicken. Both were easy to do and luckily I had marinated the pork the night before. I made the pork with the grilled veggies on the side. Instead of slicing the pork and serving it on the spinach leaves with mango, I prepared a tossed salad and a tomato, red onion, cucumber and feta salad.

There was plenty to feed the boyfriend with a great appetite and the neighbours too! Everyone was raving about a great meal. I have to give all the kudos to Janet and Greta for making me look good!

Tonight I will get organized - famous last words!!


  1. Great job Leslie! Not only did you deal with feeding a crowd on a busy day, but you prepared what sounded like a tasty and healthy meal! I am enjoying reading your entries, and wish you continued good luck. Heidi

  2. Thanks Heidi: More than a month ago - I would have just ordered pizza or chinese! I'm so grateful that these recipes are quick and most ingredients are available. Leslie